When does it pay to insure glass?


Jan 2023

When to get glass insurance?

As a property owner, glass breakage can directly impact revenue and safety and therefore should be repaired as soon as possible.

Glass is standard co-insured

Glass is already co-insured as part of the building on the building insurance policy against the events normally covered (fire, storm, collision and so on). When there is damage to a building due to a fire, for example, the repair costs for the windows are also covered under the building insurance policy.

All-risk coverage for glass

However, breakage of glass can have many other causes, such as children playing soccer and accidents due to clumsiness. These causes are not covered by the building insurance and a separate glass insurance policy can be taken out for them. Damage to the glass due to all external calamities is then insured.

Special glass

Because of the specific architecture and special glass materials in commercial and office buildings, repairing glass breakage often requires specialist knowledge and special facilities. For buildings with large windows or difficult to reach glass, it is especially advisable to take out glass insurance in addition to building insurance.

Want to know when it pays to purchase glass insurance for your property portfolio? Our insurance advisors will be happy to help.

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