Mandatory smoke detectors in homes by July 1!


Jan 2023

From July 1, 2022, it will be mandatory to install smoke detectors in all Dutch homes. We set out the four most important questions.

What is changing about smoke alarm legislation in the Netherlands?

According to the change to the building code, as of July 1, a home must be equipped with "sufficient smoke detectors. This means that each floor of an independent dwelling must have at least one smoke detector. In student houses, a fire alarm is required in every room.

Who is responsible for installing smoke detectors?

Homeowners are required by law to install smoke detectors in their homes by July 1, 2022. Thus, when it comes to rental properties, the landlord is responsible for installing smoke detectors according to the regulations.

What requirements must a smoke detector meet?

According to Dutch law, a smoke detector must meet several requirements. For example, the European EN 14604 certificate is mandatory. Among other things, these certificates guarantee that the smoke detector gives a good sound signal, is easy to install and detects smoke in time. In addition, a smoke detector must have a CE mark.

What are the possible consequences?

A property that does not meet the obligations is considered "non-compliant" the legislation. As a landlord of a property, you are required to rent out the living space in good repair. This also includes installing enough smoke detectors.

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