Storm rise? Here's how to reduce the risk of damage


Mar 2022

Prevent or insure storm damage

The storm that swept over our country last week has caused at least 10 million euros in damage. KNMI speaks of storm from wind force 9, making Corrie, with its wind force 9, the first official storm of 2022.

When is there a storm?

Strong wind gusts can cause a lot of damage to a property. Insurers therefore speak of a storm earlier, starting at wind force 7. Downed trees, loose roof tiles, branches and other items blowing around can cause high costs.

On the basis of future scenarios from KNMI, it is predicted that storm frequency will only increase in the future. So it doesn't hurt to think about how storm damage can be made manageable.

Reduce the risk of damage

Of course, it is always best to prevent storm damage. Most storm damage occurs due to overdue building maintenance. In general, damage can be prevented by having a property regularly inspected for irregularities. Look for loose roofing, rotted woodwork, cracks and fissures in walls and sags.

Transfer the risk

Despite the measures taken, there is always a chance that a property will be damaged; fortunately, this is easily insured.

For commercial property, among the most common business insurance policies storm damage is covered. For example, damage caused by blown off roof tiles or falling trees is covered. However, a deductible is often applied. For objects attached to buildings - such as flagpoles - these are only covered up to a certain maximum, or even excluded altogether. When damage is caused by overdue maintenance, this is not insured.  

The information in this article assumes mostly standard comprehensive terms and conditions. Want to know if your insurance solutions cover storm damage? Brickbase is happy to help you, contact us or book a no-obligation appointment.

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