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Jan 2023

Are you using an office building larger than 100 m? Then the building must meet the conditions of at least energy label C from January 1, 2023.Does a building not meet this? Then this can lead to substantial fines or even closure of the building.

To know what steps, if any, to take, it is important to first know what energy label your property has.

- Does your office have energy label A, B or C? If so, the office meets the 2023 standard.

- Does your office have energy labels D to G? If so, take timely measures to improve the quality such as insulation, solar panels or a green roof.

- Doesn't your office building have an energy label? Then apply for it quickly.

The website of the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) has a decision tree and step-by-step plan to get you started.

Don't wait too long

Some buildings can meet energy label C with fairly simple modifications, such as solar panels, insulation, smart lighting, switching off the gas or a green roof. Keep in mind, however, that sustainability cannot be achieved overnight, especially with the current shortage of materials and construction personnel. So don't wait until the last minute, but get started as soon as possible.

Validity period

An energy label is valid for 10 years, so for office buildings with an (older) energy label that is still valid, the new regulations take effect as soon as the validity period has expired. Is everything in order for now? Then it is obviously wise to start thinking ahead about how you can meet the requirements in the future.


Have you made modifications to your office building? Then it's good for you to know that this may affect your business insurance. Of course, you want your investments to be properly insured in case of damage. Feel free to contact our advisor to discuss whether your insurance policies are still appropriate for your situation.

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