Risks during construction: CAR insurance

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Jul 2021

Construction site insurance

Construction sites are inherently high-risk areas. Developers and contractors face a host of risks that can financially cripple a project - and possibly one or more of the companies involved.  

What are the most common damages during construction projects and how can continuity still be ensured?

‍1. Construction site burglary

Theft on construction sites is becoming increasingly common. Construction materials and machinery are increasingly being stolen and this causes delays during construction. Something you would rather avoid. Damage figures show that aluminum profiles, power tools, fixtures and lamps for assimilation lighting are the most popular.

Good burglary prevention is crucial. Provide fencing and extra surveillance, site lighting, use intrusion detection, and store attractive materials in a properly locked container or shed.

 2. Extreme weather

In the Netherlands, especially in the autumn and winter period, we often have to deal with strong winds. On a construction site, this can lead to damage and dangerous situations for the people on and around the construction site and the materials.

Thanks to KNMI' s warning system, you can usually see extreme weather conditions such as storms coming in good time. If the expected conditions call for it, you can protect the construction project by adjusting the schedule accordingly, stowing loose materials and covering work on roofs and facade watertight if you have to stop suddenly.

 3. Fire sensitivity

The impact of a fire on a construction site can be extra intense. When a building is under construction and floor-wall connections are not yet in place, a building is extra fire sensitive - as if it were one big chimney - and the building burns down quickly. During the construction phase, not all facilities such as fire doors or compartmented windows are in place yet. At the same time, all kinds of activity are taking place on the construction site that can cause sparks.

Construction planning that takes into account the early completion of fireproofing can reduce the consequences of accidents and arson.

CAR insurance

As a contractor or client of construction projects, you face risks that can jeopardize the continuity of construction projects.

In addition to preventive measures, Construction All Risk (CAR) insurance provides compensation for damages that were not prevented. Damage to the work caused by fire, storm, vandalism, a construction defect or by the use of incorrect or misapplication of materials during the construction period are insured. Coverage is expandable with additional options to suit the specific project and organization.

Brickbase is pleased to help identify, prevent and transfer risk during construction. As an independent insurance broker, we can guarantee the most effective coverage for your construction project after complete market research.






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