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Nov 2023

'Tis the season of policy renewals, the time when property owners have an opportunity to make sure their property insurance policies still meet their needs and expectations. One of the most notable opportunities this year is the opportunity to take advantage of competitive premiums and flexible terms.

Room in the market: more competitive premiums
Previously, property owners faced tighter market conditions, but this year is different. Insurance companies are offering rates that are more favorable than in recent memory, allowing property owners to reap financial benefits.

The flexibility of terms and conditions is an added benefit. Instead of settling for a standard insurance policy that may not be a perfect fit for your property, you can now tailor terms to perfectly fit your specific situation. This means you can tailor coverage to the specifics of your real estate investment, whether it's commercial properties, residential complexes or rental properties.

Maintaining personal and quick contact

In 2024, we see a continuation of the trend in the insurance market of more mergers and acquisitions. While these consolidations affect the industry in various ways, one aspect that stands out is the risk of losing personal service. Mergers and acquisitions can lead to larger entities and more standardized processes, sometimes at the expense of being able to reach someone quickly and get immediate answers. In contrast, we remain committed to fast and personalized service. For example, we are available 24/7 and provide personalized responses within a day.

Real Estate Specific Product
Every real estate investment is unique, and standard insurance does not always provide adequate protection. We understand that no two real estate investments are the same. That's why we've created special terms written specifically for property owners. For example, our standard rental loss coverage covers as much as 3 years. That means your income is fully protected during construction periods. In addition, our policies cover cleanup costs more extensively than standard solutions. The amount is not too low, so you don't have to worry about unexpected costs. And we don't exclude illegal activities, which means you're covered in situations where other insurance policies fall short.

Now is the time to take action and evaluate, optimize and compare your property insurance policies. Contact us to get a no-obligation insight into what benefits we can do for you.

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