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Feb 2023

Insurance inspection

When insuring property, it is important for the insurer to know what it is insuring. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to have an inspection performed by your insurer.

The insurer will look at such factors as the condition of the property, security and fire protection. Together with your insurance broker, you accompany the inspector through the property.

Valuable recommendations

At the same time, an inspection also provides you with great value. Your insurer uses the inspection to inform you of the best ways to protect your property. From identifying valuable contents to recommending improvements you can make to reduce risks. This ensures that you have the best protection for your property.

Optimal protection

An inspection by your insurer is a valuable step toward ensuring the best protection for your property. It is important to know what you are insuring and how best to protect your property. This may even lead to a premium reduction.

Want to know exactly what an insurer inspection entails and how to best prepare? Then contact our office to learn more about property insurance and how to best insure your property.

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