Do foundations co-insure or not?


Jan 2023

We are often asked whether it is necessary to insure foundations. When there is damage to a building, you probably don't think about the foundation very quickly. But foundations can also be damaged during a fire or explosion.

Foundations are the parts of a building below the lowest walkable floor. The floor of a basement is not considered a foundation, but the floor of a crawl space is. Building foundations consist of concrete or masonry construction and may rest on piles. The foundation distributes the weight of your home evenly over the ground, making it an important part of a building.

It is advisable to include insurance for foundations . There are hazards that bring a high probability of damage to foundations. Explosion is one of these hazards. It is common for gas explosions to displace foundations.

On a private insurance policy, foundations are often co-insured by default. While foundations are not insured by default on a policy for property owners. This must be explicitly stated on the policy.

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